Structured’s Alerts feature is crafted to enhance the efficiency of Revenue Operations and C-suite executives by providing immediate notifications on critical business events. Utilizing the power of the centralized data system, alerts are not only prompt but also accurate, ensuring that your team is always informed and ready to act.

Get started! Set up alerts for specific events like achieving sales goals or contract changes, and receive notifications the moment they occur. Customize the conditions under which alerts are triggered to fit the unique needs of your business. Alerts are delivered in real-time, directly to your device, allowing for swift action on critical matters. Manage and prioritize alerts easily through our user-friendly interface, ensuring that you focus on what matters most.

Example alert

Sample Alerts

Collaboration and Responsiveness at Its Core

Without Structured, managing these alerts could require:

  • Identifying Critical Events: Manually monitoring various systems to catch significant events.

  • Configuring Alerts: Setting up complex systems independently for each platform or tool.

  • Maintaining Systems: Ongoing updates and checks to ensure alerts remain relevant as business processes evolve. This manual approach can be cumbersome and error-prone:

Risk of Delays

Delays in setting up or receiving alerts could lead to missed opportunities or unmitigated risks.

Complex Setup

Complex configurations can deter timely updates and adaptations to alert systems.

Inconsistency in Alerts

Without a unified system, alerts can vary in accuracy and timeliness across different platforms.


✅ Proactive ResponseInstant alerts enable a proactive approach to managing business events and crises.
✅ Operational EfficiencyStreamline processes by reducing the need to manually monitor and manage alerts.
✅ Strategic OversightKeeping leaders informed at all times helps in maintaining control over strategic business functions.


Alerts are a crucial component where immediate notification and response are paramount. By providing a system that delivers tailored, real-time alerts directly to your device, Structured ensures that your team is always equipped to handle critical events efficiently. This feature supports not only routine operational management but also strategic decisions, enhancing overall business responsiveness and governance.